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OPTICAL CRYSTAL is among the finest of all crystals available. With no lead content, it is clarified to a 100% optically-clear state, resulting in a perfectly clear glass that shines brightly under any light source.

STARFIRE CLEAR GLASS is a lead free, low iron product that represents the very best in glass trophies, although not clear enough to be called “crystal”. A slight blue tint is evident in the mostly-clear product. Starfire glass is usually ¾” thick, highly complimenting the deep etching process.

MOLTEN GLASS is created in a mold to provide specially shaped products. It looks clear, but has some bubbles or flaw lines by nature created during the cooling process.

JADE GLASS is our traditional glass trophy product, showing a green tint when viewed from the edge, and offering a multitude of versatile, economical designs for recognition programs.

CUSTOM DESIGNS often blend a variety of fine materials and artistic techniques to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The gallery shown provides a glimpse into the amazing craftsmanship that is only a phone call away!